Telemarketing – what does it mean to 4Marketing?

You’re reading this, which means you’re interested in Telemarketing… right? However, Telemarketing means different things to different people, so here’s what 4Marketing is about.

4Marketing is a B2B Telemarketing company. Quite simply, our clients need someone to pick up the phone and represent their business… usually to identify opportunities to win new customers, but sometimes to engage with existing customers or re-engage with lapsed customers. Regardless of who the target market is, the objective is usually to generate one of the following:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Qualified Appointments
  • Cleansed Data
  • Event Attendees (webinars & industry events)

If you would like to know how we would approach a project for you and your business, please contact us and we would be delighted to chat to you about it.

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How can we help you

A person sat at their desk making a sales call on behalf of a client.

Brand to Brand Lead Generation

Every client of ours has their own identity – their own brand – something which they have worked hard to build.  We’re sure it’s the same for you… to get to where you are today has probably taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears,  and selecting the right agency – someone to partner with, someone who will represent you and your business – is a big decision. We respect that, we will always respect your brand, and we will work hard to prove that choosing 4Marketing was the right decision.

Lead Generation is key to the success of a business. 4Marketing is vastly experienced in Lead Generation and Demand Generation… we are the trusted marketing partner for many B2B companies across many industries. We know that new customers are hard to come by, and it’s important to hold onto them once you’ve won them. To give you the best chance of winning – and keeping – customers, 4Marketing will work with you to select the right customers to target through your Telemarketing campaign. Get that part right, and there’s a great chance you can win their business, and a great chance that you can keep it.

Lead Generation
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Hassle free Appointment Setting

Your time is precious, spend it wisely.

Maybe you have a large sales team, or maybe your Managing Director is also your “salesperson”… whatever the case, your sales people are an expensive (and valuable) resource. They should be busy out-and-about winning new business, not calling and prospecting for Leads and Appointments. That’s our job – let our team do the leg work for you, so your sales people can do what they do best – sell your products/services to prospects who are in the market.

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Comprehensive data cleansing

Accurate data lays the foundations for everything that follows.

Your data should always be fit for purpose. Keeping information up-to-date, with the correct decision maker information and company details, is a job which shouldn’t be neglected. If you have an old database that needs updating, or if you would like to build a database of prospective clients from scratch, talk to us and we’ll happily give you our opinion on the best way to go about it.

Data Cleansing


4Marketing works in almost every sector you can think of. We've also run campaigns targeting almost every type of company and every type of decision maker you can think of. When we start a new project, we always draw on all our combined experience and knowledge to make sure we hit the ground running.

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