Confidence that your tartget database is accurate and up to date

Telemarketing and data cleansing go hand -in-hand. With any marketing initiative, it’s imperative that the contacts you’re targeting are accurate and relevant. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently call your contact database to ensure the information we’re gathering is accurate and can be used to your advantage during your next marketing campaign.

Reasons for data cleansing…

Some of our clients use our telemarketing expertise to cleanse data for the following reasons:

  • To gain contract or renewal dates in order to target companies at the correct time
  • Update out of date contact details of decision makers
  • Conduct independent market research as to buying patterns
  • To ensure the list only includes companies in the market for their service
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Data is the fuel of the campaign, and we spend the time to find the best database for each client’s requirements. We use the best quality data providers around, and we source a bespoke prospect database for every new campaign we undertake.


At 4marketing, we digitally record all of our outbound and inbound calls. This allows us to constantly review the pitch with each client, and make any necessary changes as we go. We send call recordings for each Lead/Meeting we generate, giving clients a comprehensive understanding of the prospect’s requirements.


Our bespoke CRM systems allows for full transparency in campaign delivery. Throughout the campaign our clients are kept up-to-date with how the calls to the target market are progressing, and we regularly review the sales pipeline. Call rates, contact rates and conversion rates are constantly monitored.


Our people are our biggest asset and all campaigns are delivered by experienced and focused B2B telemarketing professionals. Our experienced Campaign Managers ensure each campaign is on-track. They generate high quality opportunities for our clients, and they have the experience to assess and make changes to any campaign if and when necessary.


Our business is built on outstanding people with a broad range of skill-sets.


Our motivation is client retention, centred around quality appointments and ROI.


Delivering results for our clients is our number 1 goal and we have the ambition to succeed.