Telemarketing is an effective marketing tool in its own right, but it works best as part of a more diverse overall marketing strategy. Far from the often unfocussed and almost always unwelcome world of telesales, the direct, social element of a Telemarketing service forges stronger bonds with prospective clients, and helps to strengthen the other marketing tactics you’re already using. Don’t just take our word for it, though, we’ve broken down the key areas where Telemarketing can support your other marketing efforts below:

Reach out and (get in) touch

One of the most common and effective places that Telemarketing fits into marketing strategy is in following up on initial expressions of interest from potential customers. Once the details of a prospective client have been harvested from a sign up form, or similar source, Telemarketing is the ideal way to follow up, and guide people to the next step of the sales funnel. Through talking with a knowledgeable and engaging Telemarketer, you can turn ‘interested’ into ‘qualified lead’.

Keep a warm lead from cooling

Of course, it rarely takes just one call to get an interested party to convert to being a client or customer. Studies point to it taking somewhere between 7 and 13 ‘touches’ to produce a qualified sales lead. Telemarketing is a quick and cost-effective way to keep the process of your sales funnel moving, through maintaining regular contact with a potential lead. By entrusting your Telemarketing operations to an experienced outside agency, you can be rest assured that the temperature will be frequently taken on cooling leads, with work being put into getting them back onto the path to conversion, where necessary.

Focus on meetings rather than booking them

While less important than the previous two elements of marketing strategy, Telemarketing also plays an important role in keeping a business working at peak efficiency. Whether handled by you, or a dedicated sales team, the job of meeting with a lead and converting them to a client is of critical importance to the operation of your business. By using a Telemarketing partner to check schedules and book meetings with leads, you or your team are freed up to prepare for and take the meetings, and not worry about the admin. Some Telemarketing agencies (including ours) will gather information on a lead together for you, allowing you or your sales team to enter a meeting fully prepared, with minimum prep-time required.

Keep the marketing information you need clean and up-to-date

A less obvious way that a Telemarketing partner can fit into your marketing strategy is by maintaining the integrity of your marketing data. It’s understood that data decays in accuracy at an average rate of 30% a year, so failing to stay on top of the data you use for marketing could have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of your marketing efforts. By using a Telemarketing partner to maintain the accuracy and quality of your B2B contact details, and associated information, you’ll minimise wasted time and effort, and be able to keep your team focused on up to date leads. To find out more about how Telemarketing can fit into your overall marketing strategy, get in touch!