Telemarketing has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Many telemarketers are annoying, manipulative, or incompetent and ruin their industry’s reputation. However, there are plenty of ethical telemarketers, and some even enjoy their jobs! If you want to make the most of your career in telemarketing, follow these five tips to get you started in telemarketing . . .

What is B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is a process that is used for selling products and services by organizations to other businesses rather than consumers. Often, a telemarketing agency will contact businesses on behalf of another company and offer them their products or services.

Skills Needed To Succeed In B2B Telemarketing

The demand for salespeople who know how to sell via phone has risen steadily over recent years. Even though technology has given us all more options, businesses understand that face-to-face communication is still vital. As a result, many of them have begun using telemarketing to maintain their customer base and increase it where possible. That’s not always easy though, so here are some skills you’ll need if you want to succeed:

  1. Basic IT skills are a minimum requirement. You will need to be able to run reports, keep track of data, and use a CRM tool confidently
  2. Confidence – talking to people and ability to think tactically on your feet, and objection handle
  3. Resilience. As much as we might want a positive outcome every time, not every call will be, so you will need a positive attitude and be resilient to challenges. Staying positive and picking the phone back up, again and again, is a necessity for succeeding in telemarketing.
  4. Customer service skills are essential as you will be working directly with Clients and their prospects.
  5. Team player – it goes without saying, but you must be able to work well with others as your team members will be the ones working with you each day. They’ll celebrate your wins and help with any struggles.

    Getting Started in B2B Telemarketing

    Glassdoor has tons of job postings from B2B telemarketing agencies, and many are hiring right now! If you are just getting started, or have limited experience, these types of ads can be a great way to start – particularly because there is less competition for these jobs than for entry-level positions within larger corporations. If you have B2B account management experience already and are interested in making a change, 4Marketing are hiring today, so get in touch with us now to book an interview.