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Telemarketing is the Marmite of the Marketing World

In layman's terms, telemarketing is the act of engaging with your target audience (such as existing customers, prospects and suspects) via the phone … typically to generate and uncover new opportunities. 

Telemarketing is like Marmite - 

Some people love it, some people hate it... but why? 

Bad calls... 

A bad telemarketing call might be referred to as 'another bl**dy Telemarketing call'. Some people receive such a high volume of bad telemarketing calls - and so frequently - that they build up a negative mindset towards all 'cold calls'. So what makes a bad call? Things like an inexperienced caller, out-of-date data and poor targeting. 

Good calls...

A good call doesn't even feel like a Telemarketing pitch, have you ever got off the phone and thought to yourself 'I'm glad they called, I definitely think they can help us...?' If you have, you most probably just experienced a good Telemarketing call. A knowledgeable caller, with up-to-date information and a product / service that is highly relevant to you... 

Telemarketing is one of the ways you can talk directly, one-on-one, to the people you want to engage with. Even in today's digital world, where businesses are connecting with their audience on a new level, Telemarketing still plays a vital role.... and whether you love it or hate it, we firmly believe it is here to stay. 

As the saying goes, 'people buy from people'... 

… and in a world full of technology, we still crave human contact, even in our busy work lives, because business relationships are built on trust between people. A business doesn't choose to work with another business... the people in the business choose to work with the people in another business. We need to physically speak to one another to build that trust. 

So whether you love it (like we do) or hate it, Telemarketing still remains one of the best ways of engaging with your target audience and uncovering new opportunities. Just make sure you do it properly. 






April 15, 2019