Campaign Manager

Job Title: Campaign Manager

Accountable to: Team Manager, Operations Manager

Purposes of the Role:

The primary purposes of this role are to make high quality telemarketing calls on specific client campaigns, perform basic campaign related admin and build a good relationship with your clients. All whilst consistently achieving and surpassing KPI and renewal targets set by the business.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Make telemarketing calls as part of Client campaigns.
  • Ensure weekly contact is made with upcoming clients.
  • Make daily contact with live clients.
  • Catch up with lapsed clients.
  • Ensure fortnightly Emails are being sent out.
  • Source and send call recordings and also ensure clients are getting 1 call for every 5 hours of calling.
  • Ensure you have enough usable data for live campaigns (typically this is approximately 100 per records for every 10 hours of calling).
  • Source and import data… and be able to produce samples for clients when required
  • Draft script and email copy for internal review
  • Participate in Client campaign Briefings
  • Complete Basic Client & Mgt Progress Reporting (TM Reports)
  • Play an active role on Client calls and in Client Meetings
  • Suggest opportunities internally to improve campaigns (pitch and data)
  • Participate in renewal Conversations
  • Understand and monitor own KPIs and come to 1:1s and reviews ready to discuss


  • Comfortable liaising and building rapport with clients
  • Understands client and campaign objectives
  • Good, general IT skills
  • Effective, productive CRM usage (filtering, coding, note taking)
  • Understands and adheres to all 4Marketing policies, processes, and procedures.


  • Takes ownership of KPI performance and does all to ensure these are being hit.
  • High Levels of motivation and initiative.
  • Represents 4Marketing in a professional manner at all times.
  • Show good personal organization and time-keeping skills.
  • Respond positively to all feedback given.
  • Act as a positive member of the 4Marketing Team.
  • Proactive in asking for support when required.