For the last couple of years, it seems all I’ve heard on the news is repeated messages of doom and gloom.  We’re all led to believe that we’re in serious trouble, and we should be worried about our jobs, our education, our health system, our families… our FUTURE.  We’ve been hearing this for so long, that we’re all starting to believe it.

If we continue to listen to the media… if we believe that the economy is coming to a standstill and that everything is about to come tumbling down around us, then what happens next?  We’ll start to panic.  We’ll look at ways of cutting back.  In our personal lives and in business.  And if we all start to do this, then gradually the media’s “predictions” become self-fulfilling prophecies. But you know what, I believe my future (which I’m repeatedly told I should be worried about) is in my hands.  I believe that if I work hard, and if I always look for new ways to develop myself and my business, then things will only get better.  We started our business in 2011 – in the middle of this double/triple/quadruple dip recession – and we’ve seen steady growth month-after-month.  Not only that, but we’ve helped our clients do the same.

Here’s a fact for you; there are plenty of businesses out there (big and small) who are doing amazingly well, and some of them are seeing record-breaking growth.  I wonder if the owners of those businesses pay any attention to the newspapers…

So, to summarise my gentle rant… I believe that – in life – you get the things you focus on… so I’m going to focus on the positives. Guess I won’t be watching the news anymore!