Our Background

4marketing was Launched by Owen Cole and Luke James, with a combined 25 years’ experience in telemarketing, having worked in the industry their whole professional life.

Owen and Luke were constantly hearing people say they’d rather have 1 great lead than 3 poor leads… So recognised the need for a telemarketing company who understood the importance of quality.

We listen to what our clients want, we apply our knowledge, and we deliver great results.

Our business is built on outstanding people.

Our Vision

  • To be recognised within the industry as market leaders based on results and most importantly, the quality of the work we deliver.
  • Continue to attract and develop the most successful and experienced telemarketing professionals.
  • To offer a competitive outsourcing option to B2B organisations


Our business is built on outstanding people with a broad range of skill-sets.


Our motivation is client retention, centred around quality appointments and ROI.


Delivering results for our clients is our number 1 goal and we have the ambition to succeed.

  • Luke James Director

    Luke has been in marketing his whole professional life and has always enjoyed working as part of a team to achieve a common goal. In recent years, working for an agency, Luke progressed into management roles and relished every opportunity to lead and manage people in delivering successful marketing campaigns for their clients.

    One of Luke's main strengths is being able to quickly understand a business, identify which markets to exploit, and create marketing campaigns to deliver. Understanding what it takes to combine telemarketing, email marketing, direct mail and online marketing to create successful campaigns, Luke's next natural progression was to start 4marketing.

  • Jay Robinson Telemarketing Team Manager

    Since graduating from Portsmouth University, Jay has acquired skills while working within the challenging environments of recruitment, direct marketing, business to business sales, account management and customer service.

    Jay’s roles include coaching, mentoring, campaign reporting, client liaison and the setup of new and existing projects within 4markeiting. With strong administrative skills, Jay is able to step back and constantly assess all areas of each project he’s working on and use his experience to suggest new and innovative approaches to email and telemarketing.

  • Victoria Matthews Business Development

    Upon leaving college, Victoria went straight into an outbound sales role and has been in sales and marketing ever since. Victoria has 10 years’ experience in many aspects of sales including telephone sales, face to face and also estate agency. Although, the majority of this time has been spent perfecting her telephone sales skills, in which she worked as a Campaign Manager for a large telemarketing agency for 4 years before starting at 4marketing.

    Victoria’s calming influence is one of her strengths, and one of the qualities her 4marketing clients admire. Victoria has the ability to deliver a strong message to prospects without appearing pushy or ill- informed and is currently using these attributes to bring new clients on board for 4marketing within our business development team.

  • Jonathan Harvey Campaign Manager

    John has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years, working specifically in telemarketing for most of this time.

    Having worked with both Owen and Luke in the past, John is great fit to the 4marketing team being a proven performer with vast experience in many industries and having one of the best client retention rates within the business.

    Before a career in telemarketing, John worked in the manufacturing and engineering industry and this practical experience has been invaluable when it comes to the more industrial projects John oversees.

  • Simon Mellers Campaign Manager

    Since joining 4marketing, Simon has built a portfolio of ongoing clients in industries including manufacturing, coaching and electrical services. Having over 20 years’ experience in both B2C and B2B sales means, Simon is able to very quickly identify opportunities for his clients with both large PLC companies as well as SME businesses.

    Simon has been involved in telemarketing, specifically lead and appointment generation for 6 years and his constant client interaction is a key factor in his success, recognising the importance of constantly reviewing processes and adding to his knowledge of products and services.

  • Shannon Clarke Key Account Team

    Shannon has established herself as an integral part of the key account team and is a consistent performer across a wide variety of B2B lead generation projects with a strong emphasis on quality and client satisfaction. Since joining the key account team, Shannon has also been involved in the quality assurance process ensuring and refining a constant level of high standards within the team.

    Shannon has a real passion for videography and her creative side is something that enables her to adapt to challenging situations and think outside the box when it comes to solution finding.

  • Ryan Thackaberry Campaign Manager

    Ryan has spent over 10 years in the marketing industry and has worked on a multitude of projects from large financials targeting technology companies to law firms focusing on the US market so as you can imagine, there aren’t many areas of business that are unknown to him.

    After a 9 month break abroad working for the United Nations and as a volunteer, Ryan joined 4Marketing as he felt it was a positive step in his career. Having worked with many of the 4Marketing staff in other companies, he was a natural fit. Ryan has a strong background in campaigns that have a more complex offering and has a track record in penetrating very difficult markets.

    Ryan currently looks after a number of blue chip clients for 4marketing as a result of his success on high level, intricate projects.

  • Sharon Carey Key Account Team

    Sharon has spent the majority of her career in account management. She is known not only for her impressive professionalism and integrity but for her teaming and personal skills. Sharon has a great passion, drive and enthusiasm; she is able to engage with clients and can demonstrate the ability to adapt in a constantly challenging environment.

    Sharon works on a variety of different client projects and is very successful in generating high quality leads and appointments. Since joining 4Marketing, Sharon has brought an array of experience and solid capabilities in a wide variety of areas, she is able to perform under pressure and strives to exceed targets whilst maintaining a level of excellence.

  • Shannon Brown Campaign Manager

    Shannon has 5 years’ experience in telemarketing, more specifically in the waste management arena dealing with both large household names as well as smaller, independent companies. This gives Shannon a great amount of knowledge when it comes to complex campaigns involving waste, water treatment and sewage.

    Shannon has been very successful since joining 4marketing regularly winning many of our in house awards for employee of the month and retaining clients. Shannon now has a wide range of experience of pitching a variety of services, speaking to people from all types of background and her strength is having engaging conversations with senior decision makers. Along with managing clients for 4marketing, Shannon has also successfully promoted 4marketing’s services via email and telemarketing and playing an important role in business growth.

  • Juliette Cook Key Account Team

    Juliette is a highly ambitious, target driven individual, who ensures that all tasks presented to her are completed to the highest standard. It was these traits that drew her to the marketing industry, with constant challenges and new opportunities. Juliette has an ability to juggle numerous tasks and deliver proven results in all areas, with the right balance of both quality and quantity.

    Since joining 4marketing, Juliette has worked exceptionally hard understanding and delivering on all client campaigns, and strives to improve her marketing techniques every day. Juliette consistently wins the ‘calls cup’ for having the highest call rate on the projects she works on, this consistency shows a great level of dedication and persistence. Further to this, Juliette is able to maintain an exceptional level of professionalism and confidence, even in high pressured situations.