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Email is one of the most cost-effective media channels and, when used effectively, is a very powerful tool… especially when complemented with other aspects of direct marketing.

There are several different types of email campaigns which we utilise, such as:

Direct emails- campaigns to generate qualified Leads and Appointments

Transactional emails- automated emails triggered by a customer’s activity, such as placing an order or updating account information

Newsletter emails – periodic campaigns sent to a selection of customers/contacts… often to keep them up-to-date with new products & services

Once we understand your objectives, 4marketing will create and personalise all your email content, ensure the message is right for the target audience, and use our bespoke email platform to broadcast the email campaign.  We also provide real-time reporting, and we feedback to you details of who has opened the email, who has clicked on any links within the email and who has forwarded the email to a colleague or contact.  This information will allow you to target, through other marketing channels such as telemarketing, the “qualified” individuals who have shown an interest through opening the email and clicking on any links.

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